Framescape's patented technology solves all of your eyewear problems. Read why more and more people prefer our screwless frames.

No more lost screws!

“I was so frustrated with failing and lost screws that I stopped using my eyeglasses for 2 months. My retailer told me that the screwless prescription eyewear from Framescape was the solution to my problem. Wow! No screws really means hassle-free eyewear. Even my husband has purchased the stylish frames. I have also told all my co-workers to buy Framescape if they want uninterrupted corrective vision.”  Mary Dirissio, Boston.

Recommended by doctors!

"The exclusive Framescape design is innovative, elegantly simple and dramatically reduces or eliminates the time, cost and hassle of the most common eyeglass repairs. Framescape's extraordinary reliability and assortment of great-looking frame styles offer dependability and value to consumers of all ages.  The frames are completely screwless, including a patented flex hinge that can be quickly repaired without costly parts, screws or wait time." Dr. James Elliot, Mansfield, MA.

Save on repair trips!

“I am so glad that my optometrist persuaded me to try the new Framescape eyewear. I have been using them for a year now, without any need for repair or screw replacements. My friends have also commented on how good the rimless frames look on me. I told everyone who needs prescription eyeglasses to buy Framescape. Especially if you want to save on frequent trips for screw replacements.” Richard Brown, Seattle.

Tool-less assembly is great for kids!

“My son would come home from school with broken frames at least once a month. That meant scheduling trips for repair in the middle of soccer games, karate and homework. Often they would be sent back to the manufacturer, which meant longer wait times. Framescape's tool-less assembly has made life easier for us. We can actually put the frames back together ourselves.  I strongly recommend Framescape especially for children’s prescription eyewear.” Kathy Trindale, NYC.

Hassle-free and affordable!

“I never thought it was possible to have eyewear that didn’t need screws to be replaced or frames that would snap back on! The screwless, tool-less assembly makes it worth every dollar. My friends can’t believe that my stylish, hassle-free frames are so affordable. I think everyone who uses prescription eyewear and wants to save time on maintenance and repair should purchase Framescape.” Garth Cook, Austin.

Style and durability!

“Thank you Framescape for giving us prescription eyewear users, style and durability. The elegant design and color choices are amazing. I didn’t think anyone with eyeglasses could look chic -- I was wrong. Framescape makes it all possible. I love the handsome case too.  I've had my frames for more than a year and have never had any repair issues. I have recommended your elegant and durable eyewear to my family and friends.” Rowena James, Philadelphia.

Order our smart and stylish glasses for uninterrupted corrective vision necessary to function normally everyday!

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