Become part of the Framescape Network

Be a part of the design and technology revolution that is taking the eyewear industry by storm.

How would you benefit by joining the Framescape™ network?

  • Two-Year Warranties: Although customers never need a Framescape warranty, we offer 2-year warranties with every purchase.
  • Hassle-Free Design: Our design is poised to reign over the future landscape of the eyeglass industry because we have answered the eyewear consumer's need for simple uninterrupted vision.
  • Tool-Less Assembly: Our eye frames are of the highest quality and require no tools, making for easy lens installations.
  • Snap-in Design: Our frames have simple press-in nose pad and lens locking/release systems, which eliminate screws and other parts inventory, as well as consumer wait times for repair.
  • Hand-Repair Technology: Our simple design allows customers to easily reassemble their glasses by hand, reducing the burden on retailers and eliminating the need for repair kits.
  • Patented Release System: Our design allows the frame to safely come apart where other frames break, then customers can simply put the frames back together themselves.
  • Versatile Unisex Frames & Temples: Our frames and temples are comfortable and compliment all our customers' styles.
  • Fewer Malfunctions: With a simple design and high-quality materials, our frames are durable and succeed where other frames fall short.
  • Flawless Custom Fit: Our frames were all custom designed to compliment any facial structure.
  • Elegant Form, Intelligent Function: Our frames are stylish and practical, which makes our customers happy and loyal.
Our pioneering, truly hassle-free frame technology gives consumers satisfying performance for years to come, and give retailers a product that delivers and stands behind all of its promises.

The Framescape brand is trademarked and our designs have been awarded patents in the United States and throughout the world.

Join the Framescape network and make your business a true leader in innovative thinking.

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